At MindBody Consulting we’ve worked with countless organisations, from a variety of industries to help them adopt a more Mindful and resilient approach to creating a happier, more engaged and productive workforce…

Here are some kind words from those we work with…


Carlsberg UK, Human Resources

Mindbody Consulting delivered a Resilience and Wellbeing advice clinic where employees were given practical tools to help them deal with the individual challenges they face.  Employees were really impressed by the amount of value they got in such a short space of time at the sessions

DHL – UK Corporate Responsibility Manager 

During the first part of Jonathan’s session it dawned on me that I couldn’t remember the last time I was able to sit still and remain focused on ‘being present’.  His coaching was thought-provoking and provided simple techniques to relieve tension and manage stress that can be easily used on a day-to-day basis.

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Coventry & Solihull Probation Service – Director

We asked Jonathan to work with our admin colleagues following the announcement of a major change in the organisation. This change left many admin colleagues feeling upset at the same time as uncertain about their future.

The feedback from colleagues about Jonathan’s work has been fantastic.  Even though the announcement won’t change, the impact of it on my colleagues will, as a direct result of Jonathan.  He really has made a genuine difference.  I would not hesitate to recommend Jonathan and I plan to work with him again very soon.

Whitefriars Housing Group – Group head of health & safety

Jonathan carried out a series of short lunch time workshops around managing change and stressful situations.  Staff feedback was positive, with most staff stating that they found the sessions both useful and enjoyable.  He designed and presented these workshops for us in a professional and timely manner and I would have no hesitation in using his services again.


Baxi Heating Ltd – Employee development co-ordinator 

The lunchtime ‘Escape and Unwind’ relaxation sessions were very beneficial.  We have received some great feedback from the staff stating they were completely relaxed and de-stressed!!

Government Land Registry dept – Wellbeing team co-ordinator

Signed up for a Mind & Body Resilience programme, primarily to assist my staff, not expecting to get much out of it personally.  Instead I found it very insightful and the course could benefit most if not all people.  I now feel I have been given tools to assist in stressful situations and have even found the techniques are helping to cure myinsomnia.


Police Mutual Ltd – Head of Police Service Engagement 

The Police Mutual Foundation provides wellbeing programmes into the UK police service.  We asked Jonathan to run a course for our own senior leaders, to give us greater insight into the benefits of Mindfulness and assess its uses in policing context.

I found the course extremely useful and thought provoking.  The techniques were explained in a straightforward way, making them really easy to adopt.  Jonathan is a very authentic teacher and I personally found him very inspirational.  The true test of most learning is how useful it is.  I practise Mindfulness every day and it has helped me enormously.”

DHL – HR business partner 

After the ‘Escape & Unwind’ relaxation session I felt completely relaxed.  I felt energised by the fact that I had invested my time in something that has given me benefits.  It was great. Very inclusive, welcoming and informative.


Meriden Private Hospital – Consultant Anaesthetist 

Thankyou for a very relaxing ‘Escape & Unwind’ retreat, I felt immediate benefits, and am de-stressed!  I Will definitely be doing this again.

DHL Red Chair Committee – Director

Jonathan was very approachable and made the members feel at ease from the start of his speech at our recent Red Chair event attended by approximately 100 members from across all areas of the DHL business.  I would highly recommend Jonathan going forward and for our future networking events.


Closer Still Media – Sales Manager

“It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget about yourself.  But now after the ‘Escape & Unwind‘ retreat I feel motivated and energised, ready to reign it all back in and put myself back on a healthy and mindful road.  I genuinely feel light, worry free, and in a happy place.  I Honestly haven’t felt this way in such a long while”


Whitefriars Housing – staff member:

I found the resilience session very useful and have put some of the things in practise and can feel that they are working.  A little change at a time and its really beneficial.

And here are just a few more…

Springboard female offenders Service – Managing co-ordinator

“My colleagues and I run a group in Coventry for vulnerable women, and thought that Jonathan’s services may be beneficial for the group sessions which we have outside speakers and agencies attend.

It was decided that we would like him to deliver Mindfulness, anger management skills and strategies to move forward in life situations.  I was unsure how the group would be received by the women, as they can be a tough audience to win over and get on side, however, much to everyone’s relief it was received with enthusiasm and the engagement was fantastic.

We have received really positive feedback from the women, stating that they are already trying to implement the skills Jonathan teaches into their lives.  From an observational point of view I thought Jonathan delivered the groups really well, and the content, flow and interaction was paced appropriately and all the women were involved and included.

The content of the groups was very different to anything we have exposed them to before and I think that it is testament both to the content and Jonathan’s personality that the women were receptive and interested.  Given the positive feedback this will be an intervention which we will be looking to use again in the future.”

Government Department for work & pensions – Office Manager

“I would like to say that the delivery of Jonathan’s presentation was thoroughly engaging, captivating and enjoyable.  I will certainly be practicing the Mindfulnessexercises shown to us on a regular basis.  I think it will certainly help me in all aspects of my life.  Many Thanks.”

“All in all I would have to say it was one of the most useful guest speaker presentations I have been privy to over the last few years”

DHL UK – Corporate Responsibility Advisor 

Jonathan was really inspiring and engaging at our corporate networking event in July.  His demeanour was very reassuring and relaxing, which really helped the group engage and participate in the session.

He taught the group a variety of activities and exercises to help with Mindfulness in the workplace, as well as in our personal situations.  He was such a good relaxation teacher, some of us even fell asleep!

Since the session, I have found that the techniques that Jonathan taught have stuck with me.  It really has helped make the little things in life just that bit more enjoyable and satisfying.

I would highly recommend Jonathan to anyone looking for somebody who can guide individuals to changing their mindset and building resilience when it comes to dealing with situations and approaching scenarios.

Coventry Probation Service – Head of Administration

We all looked forward to our Wednesday mornings to spend an hour on the Mind & Body Resilience programme.  Each week was a new experience whether it be how to master relaxation or overcome negative thoughts and emotions or controlling pain.  We always left with something concrete to take away and exercises to practice.

Best of all was the final five minutes of relaxation at the end of each session where some of us almost nodded off.  We learnt great techniques which will stay with us for a long time to come.  Thoroughly enjoyable!

Nexus Housing Ltd – Housing services Team Leader

Jonathan carried out x 2 Mindfulness sessions with my staff during a challenging period of change within the organisation, his approach was very engaging and he was able to put the team at ease during the various exercises.

At the end of the sessions the team felt more relaxed and able to deal with the everyday stresses and strains of a busy day.  I would definitely recommend Jonathan to other organisations and would use him again if needed”

That Alternative Wellbeing Festival – Event Organiser

From the first meeting with Jonathan I was impressed with his drive and motivation about health, wellbeing and society.  He is a very inspiring individual, with a great presence and energy.

He offers a real and pragmatic approach to well-being in his talks.  I felt like his comparable demonstrative devices were a great way for the audience to apply what is normally quite a difficult and intangible topic.

I will definitely be working with Jonathan in the future.  I’m really interested to hear what he has to say on mental health & well-being and how we can all make a change in the future for ourselves and everyone around us.

Thank you again Jonathan, you were a valuable addition to the day!

West Mercia Housing Group – Assistant Director

Thanks to Jonathan, the teams at Kemble and Nexus (part of the WM Housing Group) have had their first “corporate wellbeing” sessions.  These were well attended and the feedback has been extremely positive.  Here at WM we are conscious that mental health and wellbeing is linked to performance and that a more holistic view and approach to the workforce has a positive impact on the business.

Jonathan has given the team some invaluable techniques to improve their resiliencewhich will help them not only manage the pressures within their working day but in home life too.

Bromsgrove District Housing Trust – HR Manager

One of the events we ran at our ‘Worth it Week’ last year was Mindfulness with Jonathan Pittam.  Through two staff sessions of 45 minutes each, Jonathan was able to provide our staff with an introduction to Mindfulness and help everyone in the room to achieve a relaxed state to take them away from their daily thoughts for just a few moments in time, in order for them to experience the benefits of Mindfulness, and leaving them refreshed and ready for the afternoon’s challenges.

Accredo Support & Development – Director of services

Accredo explored the potential benefits of Mindfulness and resilience training through a taster session delivered by Jonathan.  Jonathan was able to clearly outline how Mindfulness could positively impact on our team resilience through the use of simple and accessible strategies.  What appealed to me was the fact that Mindfulness was not pitched as a tool simply for the work place, but as a mechanism that could improve well-being within life in general.

Following positive feedback from our ‘taster’, our teams have since completed a Mind & Body Resilience programme.  Feedback from the teams has been fantastic, with one individual stating he has had his first “unbroken night’s sleep for years”.

Jonathan was highly flexible in meeting the needs of our company and bespoked his programmes to achieve our specific outcomes.  He now continues to work with our teams on an ongoing basis, with refresher sessions to keep our teams focused, happy, and mentally healthy.

WM Housing Group – Learning & Development Manager

We asked Jonathan to do a 4 week program for our staff.  They had undergone a huge period of change including change in job role, restructure of departments, new working practices and a location change.

We asked for Jonathan to work with the teams on building their resilience amongst other things to make a stronger more dynamic team for our future.

The feedback was amazing right from day 1!  People really engaged in the programme, they started taking action on modifying their behaviours and worked with others in the groups to support each other.

There has been a real buzz around the office in terms of morale also.

I would recommend Jonathan as an expert in his field and also very approachable and dynamic as a coach and trainer.

Baxi Heating Ltd – Human Resources Manager

“We felt that the best way to help our people to deal with the stresses of work and everyday life was to further strengthen management capability.  So we asked Jonathan to help them learn about Mindfulness techniques so that our managers would be calmer and so be less likely to impose their own stress on their people.”

“The Mind & Body Resilience programme has been a great success, and several of the managers have taught some key methods to their people.  We plan to engage Jonathan to deliver further sessions in our Business and are confident that his personable and capable style will continue to support learning.”

Coventry & Solihull Community Rehabilitation Company – Head of Services

“I’d heard about Jonathan through a recommendation from a colleague, but it was feedback from a session that he did with a group of service users that made the difference.

In the lead in to Christmas I asked Jonathan to work with a team of colleagues who had been put at risk of redundancy.  This was a particularly stressful time for them, and the programme of Mindfulness and relaxation that Jonathan took them through made a tremendous difference to their morale and resilience during that very difficult period.

Because this programme was so well recieved, I invited Jonathan to lead an away day for the entire staff team at Christmas last year.  Against a backdrop of uncertainty, Jonathan taught us techniquies for managing ourselves and taking control which are extremely helpful.

From my point of view there are three measures of success from Jonathan’s work.  First, feedback from staff was excellent, particularly regarding how it helped them to deal with anxieties brought on by uncertainty and the prospect of redundancy.  Second, I still hear and see colleagues using the mindfulness and relaxation techniques.  Lastly, sickness rates were maintained when we feared that they would plummet

I’m very grateful to Jonathan for his assistance and would not hesitate to recommend him.”