Mental health First Aider Masterclass

2 day programme to boost your Mental Health First Aiders skillsets

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Our Mental Health First Aider Masterclass builds on their previous learning and boost their confidence in their skills and ability to proactively reduce and prevent mental health related absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover Are your MHFAs confident & capable? After completing their initial training many mental health first aiders feel that they've been thrown to the sharks, as their confidence isn't sufficient to be providing effective support Our programme eliminates this problem by helping your mental health first aiders build on the information aspects learnt on their Mental health first aid course course and move into the realm of skilled interpersonal skills Mental Health First aider Masterclass Our masterclass is delivered across 4 x 1/2 day workshops (spaced at your convenience) and your mental health first aiders will be able to begin applying the skills immediately with the support of the included 1-2-1 coaching Saving your organisation money Once your mental health first aiders begin applying their new skills you can look forward to them being able to proactively support your organisations goals around the following: Absenteeism Presenteeism Productivity Engagement Staff retention Modules: Workshop 1 - Mental health basics Workshop 2 - Spotting the signs & signposting Workshop 3 - Offering support/mental health conversations Workshop 4 - Effective coping mechanisms Extras: 1. 4 x 60 minute 1-2-1 coaching sessions per delegate 2. Video pre and post activities 3. PDF handout 4. 180 days email support 5. Digital pre & post survey 6. 12 week refresher session (virtual) To book a Mental Health First Aider Masterclass click the blue 'Lets Chat' button, add your contact details and I'll contact you on your chosen time and date

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