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Wellness Workshops

Highly interactive and practical wellness workshops

  • Price based on event
  • Virtual/Face to face

Service Description

We have a variety of workshops, ranging from our 60 minute online sessions (most popular) to our full day line manager workshops Our clients often use our workshops as part of their annual wellbeing calendar event list, and to promote internal services such as EAP's (Employee Assistance Programme). We do this by bespoking the introduction to the workshops as well as the closing call to action, to achieve our client's desired outcome (eg: increase EAP usage) We also make working with us as easy as possible, by creating a 'Wellbeing comm's sheet' for our workshops, which includes an overview of the content, speaker bio, and profile pic, all ready for the comm's team to copy and paste into their communications Our workshops are delivered by our team of specialists from the following areas of wellness: Mental Health Stress Nutrition Fitness Preventative health habits Injury prevention Musculoskeletal health Mind management & Mindset Financial Wellbeing General Wellbeing Sport & Exercise Psychology Menopause & women's health Suicide prevention (Milton Keynes College Group - L&D Manager) “Jonathan ran a 60-minute wellness masterclass for us as part of our Learning at Work activity and Mental Health Awareness week. Whilst the topic is prevalent, it gave us a perfect opportunity to pay more attention and question our assumptions. Being encouraged to look for other signs that the ones we usually rely on was really helpful. Jonathan really encouraged you to participate and think about how else you could look out for vital signs. As an organisation, we will look to run this session on a wider scale."

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MindBody House 139 Southampton Road Northampton NN4 8DZ 139 Southampton Road, Northampton, UK

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