Bespoke mental health education & support

The current approach to mental health isn’t working, and the social and economic costs are vast

A change is on the horizon, as innovative businesses are adjusting their approach to fit the latest research around mental health.  The old way of doing mental health was by following generic approaches.  A one-size fits all method, that doesn’t take into account the fact that organisations, departments, teams and individuals are all unique

​By applying generic approaches we simply increase our costs without reducing the problem.  What works for one organisation, department, team, or individual is in no way guaranteed to work for another

Employees want to work for an organisation that cares, and has internal measures in place for them to reach out to.  But

Put your money where the problem is not everywhere

We avoid the generic one size fits all approach to reducing the social and economic costs to your business of poor mental health, and we cut through the common myths and noise around the subject, and aim to support and develop your people-managers and other helpers through highly practical learning experiences

We believe that individualised approaches are the future of mental health support.  Seeing organisations as unique, seeing departments and teams as unique, and finally seeing people as individuals

Our bespoke approach is based on first of all finding out what’s causing your employees to struggle through surveys, focus groups and interviews)

Our aim is then to develop and support those with people-management and wellbeing support support roles in order to build their knowledge, skills and confidence in what they do.

These are skills that will only serve to enhance the leadership capabilities in your support givers.  Skills that extend far beyond this situation, and out into all areas where skill in human interaction is key to success.  Trust, empathy, the ability to understand and empower others to take ownership of their lives


MindBody Consulting delivered a mental health & wellbeing advice clinic, where employees were given practical tools to help them deal with the individual challenges they face.  Employees were impressed by the amount of value they got from these sessions

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