Bespoke mental health education for your organisation

The current approach to mental health isn’t working, and the social and economic costs are vast:

  • Absenteeism

  • Presenteeism

  • Low engagement

  • Staff turnover

A change is on the horizon, as innovative businesses are adjusting their approach to fit the latest research around mental health.  The old way of doing mental health was by following generic approaches, one-size fits all methods, that don’t take into account the uniqueness of organisations, departments, teams and individuals

Employees want to work for organisations that:

  • Support them through struggles

  • Have their best interests at heart

  • Develop them

  • Provide an environment for growth

At MindBody Consulting we avoid the generic one size fits all approach to improving mental health outcomes.  The better we understand you the more bespoke our educational service can be

We cut through the myths and noise around mental health and deliver services that are:

  • Based on the latest scientific evidence

  • Bespoke to your organisation

  • Easy to access and use

  • Highly interactive & engaging

A brighter future

Look forward to having leaders who are able to build and sustain strong relationships with their teams and support them through mental health struggles.  At MindBody Consulting we believe that the skills required to provide effective preventative and reactive support skills are key leadership skills

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Rewards & Insights Manager - Ricoh UK

As part of our leadership development programme at Ricoh UK, we identified that we needed to include a greater focus on wellbeing to better equip managers to support their teams. Jonathan facilitates this mental health awareness training for all Ricoh UK line managers who attend our leadership development programme.

The training is highly interactive and focuses on the human aspects of mental health. As an expert in his field, Jonathan discusses with people managers how to provide effective proactive and preventative support to their team members in order to help reduce mental health related absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover