Reduce absenteeism with a proactive approach to building employee resilience

Mental illness is impacting our economy

According to a 2013 study by accounting firm Price Waterhouse Coopers, absenteeism costs the UK economy £29 billion per year, due to poor health, resulting in absence and reduced productivity for businesses.

Staff may be taking time off due to health-related illnesses ranging from stress, illness, back injuries, depression, anxiety, and fatigue to name a few.  All at a cost to the employer.

According to the CIPD’s 2015 ‘Absence Management’ report:

  • 9.9 million working days are lost due to stress, anxiety and depression
  • Mental health & musculoskeletal disorders are the most common causes of absence
  • The estimated cost of employee absence is £550 per employee per year
  • 40% of organisations claimed an increase in mental health problems
  • The average days lost per case of mental health-related illness was 23 days

Main factors cited as causing work-related stress, anxiety & depression were:

  • Workload pressures
  • Tight deadlines
  • Too much responsibility
  • Lack of managerial support
  • Management style
  • Non-work relationships/family
  • Poor relationships and conflict at work

The above statistics highlight a problem for organisations, and they do not take into account instances of absence where individuals are not aware of being stressed and put it down to other causes, or presenteeism, whereby employees come in to work but underperform due to mental health issues.  Presenteeism is now estimated to cost almost double that of absenteeism.

The CIPD report also highlighted the following facts:

Less than 60% of organisations are taking steps to reduce stress in the workplace

Less than 40% of organisations monitor their employee absence

In 2014, only 25% of companies surveyed achieved their employee absence targets

Tailored mental resilience training

At MindBody Consulting we combine our expertise from both the physical and mental health worlds to create training packages to educate your employees on mental health and build their mental resilience.  Our training combines techniques from Mindfulness, Cognitive behavioural therapy, NLP, positive psychology, fitness, nutritional therapy, and healthy lifestyle coaching to create unique offerings.

Your mental health partner

By working closely with you to gain a deeper understanding of your organisational culture and set of working practices we can create bespoke mental health education and mental resilience training solutions to your mental health challenges, with the result being a reduction in mental health-related absence, presenteeism, increased productivity, increased morale, and a more resilient and engaged workforce.

For an informal chat to find out if we can support you with your mental health-related  objectives  please call us on 07597 545 367 or visit our Services page…

Boost mental resilience for a happier, more engaged workforce


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