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Preventative health is the future


As a society, our health outcomes are getting worse each year, whether its physical or mental health, things are moving in the wrong direction.  It would be easy to blame individuals for making poor health and lifestyle choices, but we think that would be misguided, as our whole societal approach to health and wellbeing is what needs to change.  It’s time to move away from the current reactive/symptom-management approach to health and wellness towards a proactive/preventative strategy.

The Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD) is the world’s largest observational health study to date.  Starting in 1990 it continues to track global health data across 204 countries, 369 diseases and 87 health risk factors.  The GBD found the top 6 risk factors driving mortality (death) and morbidity (disease) were: tobacco, high blood sugar, high BMI (obesity), dietary risk, high blood pressure, and alcohol use. 


All 6 are preventable through lifestyle change…


We envisage arriving at a stage where individuals perform health-enhancing behaviours as a standard part of their daily lives, (eg: regular sleep patterns, eating ‘real’ unprocessed foods, movement etc) and not something they have to make a special effort or find extra motivation to do.

A 2023 DataReportal report stated that the average UK adult spends 2 hours 41 mins on their smartphone daily.  That’s 161 mins every day, and we believe that if just 30 mins of that time were invested in developing our Preventative Wellness habits, we could transform societal health...

  • Highly engaging speakers from across the wellness spectrum

  • Highly interactive and practical wellness workshops

  • Drop-in clinics for preventative and reactive support

  • Bespoke wellness podcasts on the theme of your choice...

  • Bespoke wellness articles on the theme of your choice for your newslet...


Deputy Community Banking Director (Thames Valley Community) - Barclays

Thank you to Jonathan who ran a superb Mindfulness event with 30 of our Managers recently, as a prelude to a Wellbeing day they were all attending. Jonathan did a brilliant job of putting the group at ease and then took them through a 60 minute practical session to help them manage stress and to help them relax. Feedback from the session has been outstanding and as a result we are hoping to run future sessions with MindBody Consulting